Why You Need A Real Estate Agent Website

Do you really need your own real estate agent website if you’re an agent? After all, many brokerages provide a presence for agents on the brokerage website. While that is certainly better than nothing, you need your own agent website to really fuel your success into the future.


Build Your Personal Brand

Think of your work as a real estate agent as its own business that fuels itself over time. You establish a reputation and you build a book of business with clients. Having a website with an IDX service keeps your business and online presence under your control. You control the look and feel, client testimonials, and local market information that positions you as the expert in your area.


Encourage Referrals

You already know referrals contribute a significant portion of new business. In fact, 74% of buyers surveyed in the 2018 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers said they would use their agent again or recommend them, so you really need to make the most of this momentum!

With your agent website, you make it easy for your clients to refer their family and friends. You can even offer automated content about the market and listing activity that will keep you top-of-mind with them and prepare them for their next transaction. These days, relying on a newsletter just isn’t enough.

Some website features also make it easy for visitors to refer their friends with a single click to share a listing, attracting more visitors and potential leads to your site. And there are tools to make sure every new lead receives an immediate, personalized follow-up so you have a better chance of converting them to a closing client. This is important for all leads and especially critical for millennial buyers.


Manage Your Book Of Business

No matter what brokerage you work with at a given time and no matter how often that changes, your own website is your consistent online “storefront”, working without interruption to keep new leads coming in while keeping past clients engaged with content that brings them around again to you for their next move. Sure, the logo of your brokerage affiliation will change but with the right website, IDX service, and online marketing tools, everything will keep humming along to fuel your business.

May IDX services will keep all your leads in one place, making it easy for you to grow your book of business without worrying about shuffling your lists around and losing track of people. You work hard to acquire new leads and a website with the right tools makes your lead management effortless.


A Central Landing Spot

47% of agents surveyed in the 2018 NAR report said social media provides the highest quality leads, followed by their own website with local MLS data which you can provide on your own site through an IDX service. Your website content will fuel your social media presence to keep those leads coming to your site where you can convert them from an anonymous visitor to a registered lead.

Ads on social media can also be effective, such as the ads available through Facebook and Instagram business accounts. Likewise, you may use or experiment with paid search ads on Google. Those ads also need your site to engage those new visitors and keep them coming back.


A No-Brainer

You owe it to yourself to make a very modest investment in your success as an agent that will pay for itself many times over. If you’re looking for a website solutioncontact us to get a consultation and demo.