Optimizing Lead Capture On Your Real Estate Website

Clients frequently ask us what percentage of new visitors they can expect convert to registered leads on their website. The truth is, it depends on a lot of factors – most of which are in your control. The most important thing to remember is consumers have lots of places they can go online for listings information without ever providing their information. Your site needs to demonstrate you have something to offer of value and that they will benefit from providing their information.

To build the trust you need from new visitors, it’s always a good idea to share client testimonials, reviews and recommendations on your site which demonstrate how you have helped other buyers and sellers. A bio about yourself is also helpful for new visitors to learn about your background and areas of expertise. This is a great place to reinforce the many ways you can them with their transaction.

Need some bio help? Here are some bio tips on realtor.com. And don’t forget to always use a great headshot!

Lead Capture Features

iHomefinder accounts come loaded with features that encourage visitors to provide their information. These include options to receive new or sold listing alerts, open homes, and market statistics reports.

There are also registration prompts that can appear throughout the search experience on your website. These prompts can be disabled altogether or they can be activated with different settings based on your preferences. There are no hard and fast rules for which settings are best, but you should keep in mind that making registration mandatory right away may not be the best route since it could drive people away to another real estate site. To get the best results for your website and your audience, we recommend testing settings for a period of time and then comparing the results to see which settings convert the highest percentage of site visitors.

Users can manually sign-up for Email Updates and the Property Organizer.

Ultra-Light (One Prompt)
Users can dismiss the registration prompt and continue searching and property viewing. The user will will not be prompted again.

Ultra-Light (Multi-Prompt)
Users can dismiss the registration prompt and continue searching and property viewing. If dismissed, the user will be prompted again when the next trigger point is reached (see trigger points).

Users must register when prompted, however, the email is not verified. After registering, the user can continue searching and property viewing.

Users must register when prompted and an email is sent requesting activation. Once the account is activated, the user can continue searching and property viewing. This method ensures that the user has provided a valid email address.

If you have an iHomefinder account, this article will show you how to activate and change your User Registration settings.