Hilton Head Island MLS
  • The HHIMLS IDX logo must appear on all listings, including thumbnails and featured listings. Our system provides these logos on HHIMLS listings by default.
  • The HHIMLS IDX data feed does not include agent IDs or office IDs. Featured listings can be populated to match an office’s listings, based on the instructions in our Knowledge Base. However, featured listings cannot be set to match an individual agent’s or broker’s listings.
  • To be approved for IDX in this board, an IDX website must be registered in the name of the agent or broker operating the site. (The WHOIS registration must name the agent or broker.) If you wish to use our OmniPress solution in this board, you should register your website outside of our system.

Member Associations Covered by this MLS


Cities & Towns Covered by this MLS

Hilton Head Island Area
Including, but not limited to, Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Daufuskie Island, Okatie, Ridgeland, Beaufort, and Hardeeville


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